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Code One Phlebotomy Program

Code One offers an EKG & Phlebotomy course in partnership with Bronx Community College, located at 900 Pelham Parkway South, Bronx, NY.

The EKG course is priced at $450 for four weeks, while the Phlebotomy course costs $750 for six weeks, and both courses together are offered for $1200 over ten days. This tuition does not include books, materials, or the NHA certificate exam. Code One EMT graduates may avail a scholarship opportunity for continued education at a reduced cost.

The EKG course lasts 30 hours and the Phlebotomy course totals 90 hours. Both courses are conducted in the evenings and do not require prerequisites.

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EKG Course Description

The EKG course delves into the cardiovascular system, electrocardiograph patient care techniques, medical instrumentation, and emergency response. The job role primarily involves using electrodes and electronic equipment for electrocardiography, recording heart readings, and aiding in the diagnosis of heart disease.

Phlebotomy Course Description

This course teaches blood collection, venipuncture, specimen collecting, and OSHA safety standards. Phlebotomy technicians, who interact with the public daily, must possess excellent interpersonal skills and discretion.

Prerequisites include the American Heart Association BLS CPR Certification, which is available at Code One. Digital textbooks are provided, and Phlebotomy students receive one scrub set with tuition. The program also paves a way to become an Emergency Room Technician or Patient Care Technician by combining EMT, EKG, and Phlebotomy certifications.

PriceEKG: $450, Phlebotomy: $750, Combined: $1200
DurationEKG: 30 hours (4 weeks), Phlebotomy: 90 hours (6 weeks)
Course SchedulesEvening Classes
Location900 Pelham Parkway South, Bronx, NY 10462
Online Classes?No
Email[email protected]